I have maintained, for a long time, that  privacy was long dead and I really don’t know why we spend so much time and effort to discuss privacy (the schoolbook type) when every corporation, individual or government is making all out efforts to know exactly what you are doing / wearing / thinking etc at any time of the day. Plus they are merrily sharing or selling the information they have collected.

Now the US government just broke open another Pandora’s box allowing ISPs to sell web browsing history So, now it becomes easier to profile the users or find them and influence them. We knew that Google Maps tracks us but now other folks can also view us as we move, and I am sure we will be happy to share with the world. The iPhone was doing this long back and recently we learn about some cutting edge tools created by CIA to compromise iPhones and MacBooks.

A number of my esteemed lawyer friends argue about privacy and individual rights, and I always say, please be practical because they are also using smart phones and all smart devices assume they are smarter. So now we have a new nail hammered into the coffin of privacy!

 When there is nothing sacrosanct, as in you cannot trust anything, it is time to build your own defenses and mistrust all that you install. What you do should ONLY be need based – the reason is that If your anti-virus can be turned against you, what hope do you have to safeguard your privacy!  

IndiaWatch is working to put together a resource page with contact information about Cyber Cells and Banks. Please review and volunteer with information and to help. Hanubot, the information security comic has been launched (it is the first in India) – buy it for your kids, school or for your library.

 Goodie Bag

 Makers For India

 Publications – Indian publications are coming up in the print space:

  • Hanubot – the comic book is featured above!
  • Digital 4n6 Journal, the Indian magazine focused on Digital Forensics – subscribe and pick up the previous issues from their website.
  • DefCom2017 launched DEFCOM Journal, a compendium of technical articles from industry, academia and Services personnel was released at the DEFCOM 2017.
  • Information Security Handbook – coming soon from the publishers of the Digital 4n6 Magazine.


Shape of Things to come – Opportunities and Threats

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