Two weeks and I am gasping for breath struggling to stay afloat on the events that have passed by. The cybersecurity domain does not disappoint and provides tumultuous happenings week after week.

First – I am part of a group of InfoSec professionals and we are possessed by BOSS. If you don’t know BOSS, check the website We are possessed because BOSS is Indian, it was created, then went into a coma (I think so) and now BOSS has been resurrected by CDAC. Some believe in the reincarnation (but) many don’t and there has been an internal war .. of words. Bottom line everyone believes there should be a national system – how(?) – the great debate goes on!

The country was promised “acche din”, and good times are here:

One of the days in the past week, I was really high reading the newspaper finding snippets of joy between reports of rapes, pollution and crap.

ACCHE DIN – Sharing the joy with you….  Sensex is at 30k  –  Rupee is up against the US Dollar  –  Hilton will open 100 hotels in 5-7 yrs in India  –  Lenovo-Motorola looks to setup factory in India  –  Kotak says it’s a WhatsApp moment in Indian Banking  –  banking jobs will not be lost to chat bots  –  Govt has overshot it’s tax collection target, GST is here  –  new Rs 200 notes are a coming  –  Rs 2k and 500 notes are now mainstream (who cares if it is a challenge to get change for 2k)  –  Rs 36k CR loans written off by the new Yogi CM of UP saving many farmer lives, Infy CEO gets pay hike (and NM cries out in pain)  –  Google will help in elections and WhatsApp will start digital payments  –  IPL is ten years old and kicks off  –  liquor banned within 500m of national highways  –  state govt across the country delisting NHs to help tipplers  –  man marries a robot…… oh so much more!

Then we have some Crap News over past two weeks…

Like holy cows, we share and mull over articles written by presstitutes and TRP mongers, crafted to tittilate and tempt users into clicking and getting ads to load for their profit.

The previous week saw two themes which are being bashed into the ground: UPI and AADHAAR.

Disclaimer: Mind you I am no supporter or interested party in any scheme, and anyone who knows me well knows that I always support anything good happening in national interest but I am also critically vocal (with malice) when talking about lies, crap or anti-national activity!

UPI and AADHAAR – someone said both have been breached – which is BS (to say the least). There are so many “expert” articles going around and all are saying the same thing in different ways that it is just too much. About AADHAAR – someone put a google dork URL to show breached data and that is a sham – a few excel files is not an aadhaar breach (my opinion). This needs to be tackled in a separate blog itself.

Weekly Goodies

  • Check  your cyber insurability index. Cyber Insurability  is defined as ” A measure of maturity of an organization for a Cyber Insurance Company to provide a Cyber Insurance Cover” and as you know I do a fair bit of work in CI. 
  • Amanda Rousseau has published a course on basics of malware reverse engineering at her GitHub. The course consists of 6 sections: fundamentals, malware techniques, RE tools, triage analysis, static analysis and dynamic analysis.

Cybercrimes.. (a few notable ones from media)

Events to note

Hero of the week



  • I hate it when I read unsubstantiated (grand) claims of “weaknesses”, “vulnerabilities” in Indian organizations  products by the torch bearers of global cyber security. So this week we have Fireeye saying mobile apps of 7 banks are compromised – what a FUD type announcement. OK so don’t tell us the bank name but at least show a snipped of proof. Noting given – jjust a statement — i am this and this, and this is a gora company – you have to believe all that I say…
  • The unicorn / startup scene is somewhat distressing – it looks exciting when you hear and read about the humoungous amount of money being “invested” and the “GMV” based sales figures. At the end of it all this is a bubble and in this bubble a lot of other shit keeps happening:
    • Frecharge may be discounted 50% and get sold
    • Snapdeal was looking at being sold to Flipkart (ek bhookha doosra bhooka ke paas) but they have got some more money ($ 100m) so maybe this wedding may be put on the backburner for some time. 
  • AAP trying desperately to say that EVMs are flawed is snubbed (thankfully) by Election Comm.

There is a need for policymakers, security practitioners and all to really take a hard look at cyber security and identify the risks / threats they face. Sadly we live in our own cocoon without a care.




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